19 thoughts on “Drag & Drop for Post Thumbnails

  1. Hello,
    the plugin works fine… except that the image is not attached to the post. A little boring and not very useful for me.

    • Hi Lian,

      Thanks for the input! I’ve given some thought whether to attach the image to the post or not. Right now it works the same way post thumbnails work by default in WordPress: not attaching it to the post but simply setting it as post thumbnail.

      However maybe it makes more sense to attach it to a post aswell since you upload the image.

      I’ll go with that in the next release.

      • Thank you. I did not notice this behaviour before as I use a lot of images in my posts and upload them with the upload manager and manage them with File Gallery. If you can correct this or give an option, it will be great.

  2. Hello,
    i have wordpress 3.3 and did all what u said in the install instructions but the drop and drag box doesnt appear when i want to post …

  3. Hey, i’m using your plugin which works great, but it breaks some functionalities in the admin. For example, i have an empty visual editor when i want to edit pages/ posts. When the editor is in HTML format, i cannot switch to visual anymore… Deactivating your plugin makes everything work fine.

    I would be more than glad if you could investigate these issues. Thank you !

    • Hi Alessandro!

      Thanks for your input! I’m doing a rewrite of the plugin for the release of WordPress 3.4, where I isolate things more.

      I think lack of javascript isolation is part of your issue aswell, so I try to bump things up and do an earlier release. Hopefully for next week.

      However, could you tell me which other plugins you use so maybe I can recreate the issue myself?

  4. Hi, great plugin, I wonder if in the future could have the same function from the columns of the administrator, without having to enter each post, thanks

  5. Hi ! Your plugin is so perfect, thanks !
    Just one question about it, when I use it on Internet Explorer, the plugin start the picture download but don’t add it in the post.

    This looks like incompatibility with Internet Explorer, can you say if it’s normal ?

    Thanks again :)

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  7. Hello Tobias, thanks for a such great plugin.
    I have a question/need.
    Is it possible to have the drag n drop area and keep too the link to add the featured image witch existe before installing your plugin ?.
    it’s usefull to access to the medialibrary from the post.
    I would like this. drag n” drop is awsome, but could be nice sometimes to see the pictures directly from there.
    maybe making an option so leave it visible in your new release !
    what do you think ?

    By now, I’ve been looking in your .js to make the trick and didn’t find yet.
    if you have any clue, I would apreciate it :)
    have a great day.

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